Songs from Southeast Asia - Maritime Disco and Funk Wed, 2017-07-19 17:03

Taking you through some of the some of the Disco, Funk and Groovy sounds from the Maritime/Island Southeast Asia region. We will be listening to a couple of tracks from Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, we’ll also be sneaking in one Malaysian track too.

Romy Katindig (Featuring Big Kids) – Musik Disko
AJL Band – Do It Any Way You Wanna
Midnight Runners – Rare Essence
AJL Band – Sweet Sticky Thing
VST & Co – Swing it Baby
AJL Band – Hi-Jack
Midnight Runners (Feat. Megan Doherty) – Drive Me To The Sky
Romy Katindig (Featuring Big Kids) – Cintaku & Cintamu
Romy Katindig (Featuring Big Kids) – Jumpa Lagi
The Sophisticastes – Surate Cinta
John Cadman Trio – Humpin’
Duo Kribo – Cukong Tua
A.Halim Dan & Norlena Dasir – Teman Baru
Eric Young and His Electric Orchestra – 夕陽之戀 Sunset Love

Aired Live 12/07/2017

Thanks to Harry Septiandry for letting us use a pic of his uncle.

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