Songs from Southeast Asia - Feature on Balawan, Reyharp and Isa Wolf Fri, 2017-12-08 13:10

In this episode, we host our very first session with musicians performing live in the studio!

In light of the upcoming Gamelan Composers Forum this Saturday (9 December 2017) with its theme this year on Jazz and Gamelan, we had the honour of chatting with the one and only Balawan.

Balawan (I Wayan Balawan) is a Indonesian guitarist and singer/songwriter from Bali who has gained worldwide recognition for his unique style of guitar playing. As Asia’s first guitarist to develop the touch tapping style technique with 8 fingers on the double-neck guitar, his music is inspired by a range of music, from Balinese gamelan, jazz and rock. He is also regarded as one of the fastest guitarists in Indonesia, often nicknamed as “The Magic Finger Guitarist” around the world.

We also had the privilege of having Jazz harmonica player Reyharp (Reyhan Naufal) from Jakarta (currently studying in Coventry) with us, as well as musician and former SOAS student Isa Wolf join us for an afternoon of great music.

Tracklist (Recorded live in studio)

  1. Janger (Balinese traditional song, arranged for double neck guitar and clarinet). Performed by Balawan  and Isa Wolf.
  2. Morning of the Earth (By Balawan)
  3. St Thomas (Jazz standard) Performed by Reyharp (harmonica) and Balawan (double neck guitar)