Songs from Southeast Asia - Classical Tue, 2017-09-12 13:38

Just over an hour of composition pieces and classical numbers from the region.

Aired live – 17 May 2017

  1. Heart Forever Breaking Mark Chan
  2. Con Đường Cái Quan / Từ Miền Bắc by Pham Duy
  3. Benchanrong: Yellow by Narong Prangcharoen
  4. Pergi Tanpa Pamit by Nina Kirana and Orkes Saiful Bahri (Semalam di Malaya album)
  5. Sonata for Violin and Organ, 3rd Movement, Allegro by Lucrecia Kasilag
  6. ขอพบในฝัน (Suntaraporn Band version) by Eua Sunthornsanan
  7. Ka Thit Pan by Myoma Neyin (performed by Mar Mar Aye)
  8. 18 Rhapsodia Nusantara No. 3 by Ananda Sukarlan
  9. Beginning Song by Nhung Nguyen
  10. Child Songs Excerpt by Chinary Ung
  11. Pokpok Alimpako by Francisco Feliciano
  12. Impian by Meridian Secondary School
  13. The Daffodils by Kelly Tang
  14. Jambatan Tamparuli by Isabella Pek
  15. Payapang Daigdig by Felipe Padilla de Leon

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