SOAS Wednesday Sessions 59 - DR NARAYAN Asian Underground Mix Tue, 2017-10-24 21:34

DR NARAYAN drops an EXCLUSIVE VINYL B-SIDES MIX for Wednesday Sessions. Plus DJ ISURU and MANUL play new music from TYREES and RENU
Dr. Narayan (DJ) is a pioneer in the diffusion of the Asian Underground movement and the Global Beats in Spain with thematic sessions and events. In 2009 he moved to Los Angeles (USA) joining the global bass scene. His DJ sets can only be explained from multiculturalism and his continuous enthusiasm to explore all kind of rhythms and new sounds. Dr. Narayan (DJ) proposes an eclectic and unpredictable set, a quality and risky proposal where root music shares stage with contemporary beats
Check out his sick mixes and remixes

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