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SOAS Concert Series - Old and New Roads for the Oud - Khyam Allami Fri, 2011-07-01 04:43

Khyam Allami – Resonance/Dissonance Album Launch

This concert launched Khyam Allami?s debut album Resonance/Dissonance, composed in a creative flurry at SOAS in Feb 2011. Khyam was accompanied by percussionist Vasilis Sarikis.

Khyam Allami is a young and active London based musician of Iraqi descent. His passion for music has lead him on a journey from child violinist in Damascus via rock drummer in London to two SOAS Music degrees and on. In 2010 Khyam was the first recipient of the BBC Radio 3 World Routes Academy mentorship programme which saw him perform at WOMAD and the BBC Proms last summer.

He is currently teaching Oud at SOAS and performing around Europe in promotion of his debut album.

Resonance/Dissonance is released through Nawa Recordings on 6 June. |