SOAS Archive Show: Turkey Bektahci Music Thu, 2011-03-31 05:00

Achik songs by Ali Ekbar Cicek
Recordings: Kudsi Erguner
Musical Atlas ? UNESCO Collection (27)

This episode features a selection of songs from the LP ?Turkey, Bektachi Music ? a collection of ?Achik? songs, sung by Ali Ekber Cicek with saz accompaniment. Presented by Seth Richardson.

Side A

1a ?Set no traps for him who loves? (Kul Sergen

1b ?Covet not this world?s goods? (Asik Engin)

2 ?I have professed love for fourteen thousand years? (Sidki)

3 ?Weep not, mine eyes, God is merciful? (Pir Sultan Abdal)

4 ?Our way lies through the land of nostalgia? (Asik Garib)

Side B

5 ?Physician, lay not your hand upon my wound? (Sadik)

6 ?Be proud of your beauty: are you Joseph of Canaan?? (Fuzuli)

7 ?Arise my heart, look to Hussein?

8 ?I have come into the world to mend it? (Noksani)

9 ?From high above I have followed the footprints of my beloved

10 ?Bektachi dance melody (Sema melody)