SOAS Archive Show: Sound of Africa Series (music from Nyasaland and S. Rhodesia) Mon, 2011-02-21 21:16

The sound of Africa / sons d?Afrique series (nos. 91&3)
Edited by: Hugh Tracey and the staff of the I.L.A.M. (International Library of African Music)

This episode features two LPs from the collection ?The sound of Africa series?, a series of recordings made by Hugh Tracey in the 1950s and the 1960s. The first one presents music from former Nyasaland (no. 91) and the second one, music from former Rhodesia (no. 3). Presented by Ellen Hebden.

TR- 91 side A


Five Self Delective Songs with Mbira
1. Kusamture. By Zhuake Gumbo
2. Fanba mpore. By Zhuake Gumbo
3. China mureya. By Zemrria, L. Maronga
4. Ndarira. By Dawisi Chirongo
5. Makwatira chachabe. By Dawisi Chirongo

Two Topical Songs with Mbira
6. Ndaramba. By Antonio A. C. Lubino
7. Ndasaya mai anga. By Antonio A. C. Lubino

Two Dance Songs with 5 Drums
8. Doka
9. Wada pita

TR-91 side B


Three Party Songs with Mbira and One Drum
1. Waroya mwana. By Saini Murira
2. Siti. By Saini Murira
3. Ndicna girika. By Saini Murira

Two Topical Songs with Mbira and Drum
4. Marume ma shisa mambo. By Saini Murira
5. Kasi mudipfuwa. By Saini Murira

Song for Ancestral Rites with Mbira
6. Musengu

One Self Delectative Song with Zither
7. Zaina wasala madembe

TR-3 side A


Four Dance Tunes with Mbira by Zhuake Masingi
1. Mandowa I
2. Mandowa II
3. Mandowa III
4. Mandowa IV

3 Tropical Songs with Guitar
5. Ndodiya Mutombo. By Feliciano
6. Matsaire. By Feliciano
7. Wamambo. By Tonganyana

2 Dance Songs with Drums, at the C.M.R. Mine
8. Muchongolo I
9. Muchongolo II

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