SOAS Archive Show: Music from distant corners of the world Mon, 2011-01-31 19:32

Today?s episode features music from Africa and Americas and Continental Europe, presented by Louise Ungless with the album ?Music from Distant Corners of the World? from the Nonesuch Explorer collection. The episode explores folk music from Colombia, Brazil, Rhodesia, Bahamas, Trinidad, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Yugoslavia and Sweden. It is a collection of drums, Ensembles, Orchestras, fiddles and soloist improvisations.

SIDE 3: Africa and the Americas
Track 1: Me voy a Bel?n (?I?m going to Bethlehem?) In praise of the god ?Oxol??; from the Guapi community, Colombia
Track 2: Candombl? A Brazilian variant of the religion that slaves brought with them from Africa.
Track 3: Gumbukumbu Music from the Shona People of Rhodesia, featuring the mbira
Track 4: I Told You People Judgment Coming – the Bahamas
Track 5: Up In Heaven Shouting – the Bahamas
Track 6: Highlife (The Westland Steel Band) ?Trinidad
Track 7: El Perro (?The Dog?) ? Mexico
Track 8: Kuinchikua (?Fiesta in Uruapan?) ? Mexico
Track 9: Panpipe Ensemble -Peru
Track 10: El Chupino- Paraguay

SIDE 4: Continental Europe
Track 1: Chope Dance – Orchestra of the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic
Track 2: Theodora is Dozing – Chorus of the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic
Track 3: Krivo Horo (Bitov Orchestra) ? Village music of Bulgaria
Track 4: Vetar vee – Bulgaria
Track 5: Sto Limani Tou Piraea (?On the Waterfront of Piraeus?) – Greece
Track 6: Ladarke (The Pennywhistlers) ? Croatia
Track 7: Gaida Avasi -Yogoslavia
Track 8: Sino? mi je lane moje dolazio Mile -Yogoslavia
Track 9: Systerpolska; Vallat; Sk?nklat
Traditional folk fiddling from Sweden