SOAS Archive Show: Luba music from Southern Congo Mon, 2011-03-14 19:28

Presented and Produced by Luke Branston and Michele Banal
The sound of Africa / sons d?Afrique series
Edited by: Hugh Tracey and the staff of the I.L.A.M. (International Library of African Music)

This episode features recordings from the Luba peoples of the Southern Congo and two Luba subgroups, the Kasai and the Bena Shimba. These recordings belong to the LP number TR-39 from the collection ?The sound of Africa series?, a series of recordings made by Hugh Tracey in the 1950s and the 1960s.

TR- 39 side A


Three ceremonial pieces for a chief with xylophones and drums
1. Mutomboko (6 Luba men)
2. Luwendo
3. Mazha

Song in praise of a chief with mbira, flute and clashing pieces of wood
4. Kantende (Nyundu G.)

Marriage ceremonial song with drums and calabashes
5. Tuhuri (Kasai women and 6 men)

Gifts with guitar and bottle by Kasongo A.
6. Masengu

Current song (for football) with drums
7. Dundu we (Kasai men and women)

Marriage song
8. Chombela (Bena Shimba women)

TR-39 B


Mambala songs danced by Luba men and women
1. Musambo
2. Way aye

Tuhuri dance by Kasai women
3. Kalele

Fwila songs danced by Luba men
4. Mutombo
5. Bankulu

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