SOAS Archive Show: Laura Boulton's West African field recordings Mon, 2011-02-07 18:22

African music (recorded by Laura Boulton on the Straus West African Expedition of Field Museum of Natural History), Folkways records and service corp., FW-8852, 1957. New York City, USA

This episode features the LP African Music, released by Folkways records in 1957. The record comprises twelve field recordings from Sudan, Nigeria and the Cameroon made by Laura Boulton on the 1934 ?Straus West Africa expedition?. Presented by Isabel Bedford.

Side 1
Band 1. 84-A War song. Malinke ? French Sudan. Harp with drums
Band 2. 84-A Song of praise. Malinke ? French Sudan. Vocal with xylophone
Band 3. 85-A Song for chief. Bambara ? French Sudan. Vocal with kora
Band 4. 85-A Dance song. Bambara ? French Sudan. Flutes, bells, drums
Band 5. 86-A War song. Taureg ? French Sudan. Vocal with lute
Band 6. 86-B Herding song, marriage song, lullaby. Taureg ? French Sudan. Vocal with water drum

Side 2
Band 1. 87-A Wrestling match song. Bakwiri ? British Cameroons. Vocal with horn
Band 2. 87-B Orphan?s wail. Bakwiri ? British Cameroons. Vocal with musical bow
Band 3. 88-A Battle Signals. Kru ? Nigeria. War horn with explanations
Band 4. 88-B Ceremonial songs for Oba?s wives and Oba. Bini ? Southern Nigeria. Vocals with rattles and drum
Band 5. 89-A Secret society dance song. Bini ?Southern Nigeria. Vocal with 5 drums
Band 6. 89-B Secret society drums. Bini ? Southern Nigeria. Instrument with 5 drums

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