SOAS Archive Show: Korean Kayageum Sanjo Thu, 2011-04-07 03:00

Korean Kayageum Sanjo. Sung, Keum-yun. SEM Gramophone. SEL ? RS I 45, 1984. South Korea.

This episode features Keum-yun Sung performing 7 movements in increasing speeds of one kayageum sanjo piece. It is presented by Theresa Thomasulo.

Side 1:

Tasureum, in free rhythm style
Chinyang-jo, in lento tempo

Side 2:

Choong-mori, in moderato tempo
Slow Choong-joong-mori
Choong-joong-mori, in andante tempo
Chajin-mori, in allegro tempo
Hwi-mori, in presto tempo
Tan-mori, in allegro tempo

SEM Gramophone. Manufactured by Sung Eum Limited. Approved by K.E.C.P.P. Ministry of Culture and Information Registration No. 3. Korea.