SOAS Archive Show: Japanese Ensemble Music Tue, 2011-02-15 18:32

A Musical Anthology of the Orient, from the UNESCO Collection; Japan 1; Edited for the International Music Council by the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies (commentary in French, English, German)
B?ren Reiter Musicaphon BM 30 L 2012

This episode features an LP of traditional Japanese music, recorded in 1962. Both songs are representative of the two major schools of koto in Japan, the Ikuta and Yamada schools respectively. The show is presented by Chiara Terzuolo.

Side 1:
Yaegoromo, ?Five Seasonal Songs about Dresses?

Koto and song: Fumiko Yonekawa
Shamisen: Misao Yonekawa
Shakuhachi: Judo Notomi

Side 2:

First koto and song: Eisho Koshino
Second koto and song: Hiroyuki Nakada
Shamisen and song: Shoko Murooka