SfSEA - London debut of Filipino Rosary Cantada (20/10/18) Fri, 2018-10-12 00:12

Lesther returns to the show to talk about the upcoming London debut of the ‘Rosario Cantada’, by the Filipino choir at St Dominic’s Priory on Saturday, 20th October 2018, 7.15pm.

Introduced by the Spanish during colonial times, the ‘Rosario Cantada’ has become a uniquely Filipino custom, combining sung prayers in Latin, Spanish and Tagalog. Today, the Rosario Cantada is considered a dying tradition, and Lesther Encarnación is one of the few (if not only) young Filipinos today seeking to revive and shed light on it.

Each region has its own unique version of the Rosario Cantada, and in this episode, Lesther guides us through his personal recordings of singers from his hometown in Batangas. Listen back as we use the Rosario Cantada to also challenges notions of what constitutes ‘proper’ vocal technique, difficulties classically trained singers face learning this incredibly difficult repertoire, and what it’s like to perform the Rosario for the first time outside of the Philippines

 Track List
1. Bromo – Bonita & the Hus
2. Santa, Santa, Santa Maria
3. Virgen Divino
4. Virgen Soberano
5. Litany of Loreto
6. Oh Poong Birheng Maria
7. Ave Virgo Rex Mater
8. Bromo – Bonita & the Hus
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