Seoul System Episode 26 Thu, 2014-03-06 02:21

The last of the unaired Seoul System shows back from 2010. Kwon finds a fun track but from a completely unexpected artist, while Seb channels his inner Korean Nelly. This episode features music from Rhyme-A, Leo Kekoa, Double Trouble and a classic from DJ DOC.


Yessir (ft. ??? [Jo Hyun-ah]) – Verbal Jint
W.W.W. – World Wide Word (ft. Jolly V) – Rhyme-A
??? Shinobi (Feat. Tablo, DJ Pumpkin) (Clean Ver.) – Supreme Team
Oh No (feat. Vasco, Big Tone) – Leo Kekoa
Club Arirang (ft. VJ ?? [Jerome], Eddie) – G.C.Hammer
Rock with Us (ft. Elly) – Double Trouble
??? ??, ?? ?? [which came first, the chicken or the egg] – Drunken Tiger
Addsp2ch interlude (ft. Addsp2ch) – J.A.
???? [Youthful Confession] (ft. The Quiett) – ITTA
??? ?? ??? [The World Throws Me Around] (ft. ?? [Choiza]) – Bobby Kim
??? ???? [Finding the Beat] – YDG
Solo (ft. Alex) – Dynamic Duo