Seoul System Episode 24 Sun, 2014-02-02 16:58

Another chilled out show, this time from early 2013. Well…supposedly chilled out, but with Seb and Kwon it doesn’t always stay that way. Featuring music from Zion. T, Dok2 and Dumbfoundead, as well as something a little different with Ailee and Brave Girls.


She’s There – Vida Loca (ft. Beenzino, Zion.T)
She Groove – P’Skool (ft. Dok2)
??? ?? [Chul-soo and Mimi] – ?? [Jung In] (Feat. ? [Gil], Supreme Team)
Love Again – 2BiC (ft. Ailee)
I’m Okay (???? [more than I thought]) – Crucial Star
Loves Gonna Getcha – Dumbfoundead (ft. Dynamic Duo, Kero One)
Happy Ending – Primary (ft. ?? [Jin-sil] of Mad Soul Child, Garie)
Damn – Jinbo
Heaven – Ailee
Let Me Love You – Dok2
??? [Do you know] (Acoustic remix) – Brave Girls