Seoul System Episode 19 Mon, 2013-01-28 18:43

Retro show from summer 2010 finally released! Kwon and Seb are back from a break and look at rivalries and beef between artists and fans such as ChoPD and Rimi. Epik High, Dok2, T, and Double K are amongst a few that feature in each other’s collaborations taken from the ‘Map The Soul’ label. Joe Brown and Deez provide the smoother feel of the show.

?? [Steal] (Feat. Double K) – Dok2
SuperHero (Feat. ??) – ChoPD vs Verbal Jint
Epik High – Search
Advice (Feat. Sean2Slow, Dok2) – Double K
?? [Attitude] – Basick
Positive Vibes (ft. T aka ???) – Paloalto
Momentum (Da Planet Shiva mix) (Feat. Double K, Yankie, Dok2, MYK, T aka ???) – Planet Shiver
I’m in Love (Cool3 Remix) (ft. Sick.Boi, ??) – Ra.D
??? [Lighter] – ??[Gamza] and Rimi
I Can’t Move – Joe Brown
Lyrical Monster 4 – Swings
soul Tree – Deez
??? ? [Peace Day] – Epik High