Seoul System Episode 11 Fri, 2009-11-13 02:00

This week on Seoul System features a track showcasing 31 Korean MC’s, which Seb and Kwon dubs as the starting point in exploring the Korean underground hip-hop scene. Other music from Untouchable, Soul Connection and Dynamic Duo with German hip-hop superstars Massive Tone.

Wassup – Untouchable
???(Retire) – Dynamic Duo (ft. Massive tone ,DJ Friz)
? ??? [One Penny] (Remix) – Dynamic Duo (ft. Sean2slow, Bizzy, Leo Kekoa, Ignito, Double K, Bizniz, Koonta, Paloalto, Deepflow, MC Meta, MYK, Verbal Jint, Gaknagunae aka Jazzy Ivy, Dok2, The Quiett, Addsp2ch, Topbob, ???, Simon Dominic, E-Sens, ??, Fana, Kebee, Yankie, P-type, Joe Brown, Mithra Jin, Tablo, Maniac)
?? ?? [Painful Number] – Kil of LeeSsang
?? ?? [Good Morning] – Honey Family (ft. ???? [Park Hwayobi])
Love Of My Life – Bizniz (ft. L.E.O aka Leo Kekoa, E-Sens, Fana & The Quiett)
Tonight – BJ
??? [I’ll Give You Everything] – UPT aka Uptown (ft. ??? [Lim Hyo-jin])
Good Life – Drunken Tiger
Respect – Soul Connection (ft. Csp, Still PM, Maslo, JEPP, DJ Tiz)