Seoul System Episode 10 Fri, 2009-11-06 02:00

The Seoul System team commemorate their show 10 landmark by…forgetting it. But the music is not forgotten featuring Baechigi, Kero One, Kebee, and Pento.

??? ?? – ??? [Baechigi]
Get Away – Joe Brown and Untouchable Feat. EJ,??,Wooside
When the Sunshine Comes – Kero One (ft. Epik High)
Go Space – Kebee (ft. Soulman)
???[Outsider] – Outsider
Love is Key – Pento (ft. Verbal Jint)
Gee (Ideology Remix) – Babiixj
B Ma Friend – Dok2 (ft. Jinbo)
??? ?? [Always in My Heart] – Uptown
Scandal – YMGA (ft. Danny)
Big Boy – ??? [Young Offender] Freestyle pt.3 (ft. Dok2, DM)
Marry Me – Romantic City (ft. ???[Choi Jae-Myung])