Sema Sasa Episode 7 Mon, 2012-02-13 17:22

At Sema Sasa we are celebrating World Radio Day! UNESCO has set 13 February as the World Radio Day and SOAS Radio has put up an event to celebrate this day. We talk about the importance of community radio and radio as a means of learning languages. We discuss the growth of Kiswahili, and focus on the Kiswahili colloquium in Bayreuth Germany which is a forum that promotes and revitilizes the use of Kiswahili. The colloquium is one not to miss and is a chance to meet writers like Said Mohamed and Abdi Latif Abdallah. Listen for more details!

Nasfi Huru and Kaktus – Baada ya Kazi
Nikki Mbishi – Sauti ya Jogoo
Angazetu – Kula Kona
Balozi – Kwenye Chati