School of Asian Underground - Episode 2 Wed, 2019-10-16 15:00

School of Asian Underground – Episode 2.

DJ Isuru plays the best in Asian Underground, from new releases and certified classics, to unknown gems.

House music (Original Composition) – From the play “To Father a Nation” Dir. Mukul Ahmed 2018.Dhangsha – Amnesia
Nuphlo – Neverland
Joi – Nargin
Bolly Ditz Dolly – Woke (routine music)
LAL – Wildflower
State of Bengal – Flowers for Maya
Fun Da Mental – The Last Gospel
Renu – Always You (Nuphlo Remix)
Earthtribe – Cyber Sky
Asian Dub Foundation – Greta Speaks
Asian Dub Foundation featuring Sonia Mehta – 1000 Mirrors