School of Asian Underground - Episode 1 Wed, 2019-10-09 19:31

School of Asian Underground – Episode 1.

DJ Isuru plays the best in Asian Underground, from new releases and certified classics, to unknown gems.


Dhangsha – Enclosure

Midival Punditz – Rootha Yaar

Earthtribe – Lament

Rita Morar – Signs (UKG Remix)

Latrama feat State of Bengal – Smiling Tea

TJ Rehmi – Electric Sitar

Coco Varma – Dub Sitar

Deepest Shabz – Heer

A.G. – Kahna Hi Kya (Spice Queen Remix)

Charanjit Singh – Raga Bhupali

Asian Dub Foundation – Jericho (Capa D Dub)

Nuphlo – The T word

Genetic Drugs – Seat of the Cosmic Dance (Part 2)

Aref Durvesh – Genetix