Rita's World Season 2 Episode 6 Mon, 2011-05-16 12:51

Tradition meets innovation, borders, transended and musical hands outstretched. This episode is delves into nu roots via the blues and reggae and the folk musics of various folks. Just have a listen. I didn’t get to play a second Fredy Massamba, but I’ll make up for it next episode so until then then…

1 Coconami Ashita Ni Nattara
2 Hanggai Togur jin Mountain
3 Pocket Caravan 7 Steps From The Border
4 Yiddish Twist Orchestra Di Intenationale
5 Owiny Sigoma Band Wires
6 Sayon bamba Baba
7 fredy Massamba EthnoPhonyk
8 Wai Hine – Te – Ihorangi
9 Syriana The Road To Damascus
10 Watcha Clan Viens Viens
11 Ges-E and Osmani Soundz The Calling
12 Dub Colossus Guragigna
13 Asmara All Stars Amajo
14 JuJu Waide Nayde
15 Teymour Housego W Yves Mesnil Aruna ( Niraj Chag Remix)