Rita's World Season 2 Episode 5 Wed, 2011-05-11 17:36

This episode starts on the subcontinent with the Bengal Baul musician Paban, into Raghu Dixit who has been wowing audiences around the world then suddenly we are in guitar of all variety territory. I guess the blues is the underlying glue hear but not necessarily. Cameroun looms large with Roland Tchakounte Muntu Valdo and Blick bassy.As i couldn’t play M3nsa again we hear the excellent Gnanas’ version of yIRI yIRI Boum – Beny More would be proud. Happy Birthday to martin Carthy – it’s his 70’s so he deserves a 2 in a row. Happy listening. Until next time

1 Paban Das – Baul kaliya
2 Raghu Dixit – Hey Bhagwan
3 Les Triaboliques – Crossing
4 Roland Tchakounte – A Tchann
5 Muntu Valdo – Ate Aye
6 Blick Bassy – Like
7 Gnonnas Pedro – Yiri Yiri Boum
8 Grupo Gualajo – No Quiero
9 Sergent Garcia – Yo Soy Salsamuffin
10 grupo fantasma – Realizando
11 Martin Carthy – Hong Kong Blues
12 The Imagined Village – tom Barleycorn
13 emmylou Harris – Sin City
14 E.T. Mensah + the Tempos Yei Ngebewwoh
15 Bobby Benson + His Combo – Taxi Driver