Rita's World Season 2 Episode 3 Wed, 2011-04-06 03:00

This episode of Rita’s World dips you in and coats you in some of the latest sounds coming out, from the ukelele driven 3 Cool Cats of japanese Duo Coconami to Penguin Cafe acoustic sunshine and the afrobeat of fury from Sean Kuti. Oh there is a nice long lingering look at Ghana and as I don’t drink much from the main stream it’s looking at the burgeoning alternative seen with heavy weight players including M3nsa the hiplife shape shifter whose new album No 1 Mango Street is already a classic for me, and the African Gypsy, Wanlov the Kubolor’s astonishing journey exploring his dual Ghanaian Romainian heritage. more to come from these 2 in future episodes. Until then I hope you stay awhile and check out this episode.

1 Muntu valdo Ate Aye
2 M3nsa Biribi W’om (we don’t know)
3 Yaa Pono Mmoasem
4 Nana Boroo Eha Ye De jazz
5 Wanlov Veverita
6 wanlov String Theory
7 Ayisoba Africa
8 BBK A Tata Shandiabana Wiya
9 Penguin Cafe Sundog
10 Coconami 3 Cool Cats
11 Gabby Young + Other Animals Ask You A Question
12 Bellow Head New Yorl Girls
13 Watcha Clan With Or Without the Wall
14 Dub Colossus Guragigna
15 Rosendo Y Su Banda Me Voy Pa’la Costa
16 Seun Kuti + Egypt 80 Rise