Rita's World Episode 58 Thu, 2017-12-07 15:58

Tune in for a random selection of top releases of 2017 featuring new artists  like Tootard from the Levant and Takeifa from Senegal. Plus sprinkling of amazing evergreens, icons of the scene who are still at it conjuring up beguiling musical alchemy like Boubacar Kar Kar Traore and Orchestra Baobab.

  LAISSEZ PASSER – (Lassez Passer Glitterbeat   
Boubacar Traore Kar Kar -DOUNIA TABOLO (Dounia Tabolo LusAfrica)
Hamad Kalkaba TCH (Hamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds – ‘1974-1975’ Analog Africa)  
 Francis Bebey SARIZA NOCTURNE ( Psychodelic Sanza  1982 – 1984   Born Bad Records)
Oumou Sangare MOGOYA  (Mogoya No Format)
Moh! Kouyate – DOBAGNA from  Fe Toki –  (Foli Son Productions)
Takeifa   NDANANE ft Baaba Maal (Gass Giss
Mulele Matondo Afrika – SEKE BIEN – (white label prerelease)
G Sparks – TOMBOSHA (white label prerelease)
Vula Viel LOBI (Vice Captain Velcro Remix)  (Vula Viel)
Orchestra Baobab – FOULO   (Ndiougu Dieng World Circuit)
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