Rita's World Episode 54 Fri, 2014-01-31 15:26

Le Grand Kalle – Joseph Kabasele, the Godfather of modern Congolese music epitomised La Belle Epoque. He ruled the roost (until Franco came along) and his ensemble African Jazz was populated with outrageous talent – chock full of future legends. One of them became a global legend and influenced Disco. Who is this West African jazzer who was so instrumental in the development of Congolese music? Don’t worry you get a couple of clues in this episode of choice cuts from Le Grand Kalle and some of the stars that came out of African Jazz.

Joseph Kabasele – KALE KATO Le Grand Kalle His Life His Music (Sterns Music)
African Jazz KJ – The Voice of Lightness Vol.1 (Sterns Music)
Joseph Kabasele – INDEPENDENCE CHA CHA – Le Grand Kalle His Life His Music (Sterns Music)
Tabu Ley Rochereau – TABALISSIMO (Sterns Music)
Joseph Kabasele MINDULE – Le Grand Kalle His Life His Music (Sterns Music)
Papa Noel – BON SAMARITAN – Bel Ami (Sterns Music)
Richard Bona – MBEMBA MAMA (Wrasse Records)
Coco Mbassi – MUNDENE – Sepia (Tropical Music)
Franco – BINA NA NGAI NA RESPECT – Franco & Le TPOK Jazz (Sterns Music)
Papa Wemba – MANDOLA – Emotion (Real World)
Manu Dibango – SENGA – Manu Safari (Wagram)