Rhythm Passport Podcast Ep. 3: April Thu, 2017-03-30 17:29

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That’s no April Fool’s! We are back for the third episode of Rhythm Passport on Air to guide you throughout the next 30 days with our live music suggestions. Stay tuned for the next hour and we will share with you our monthly “what’s on” focussed on the London world music scene.

Intro: Mano Negra – La Vida

  1. Native Sun feat. AkalaOut of the box
  2. Oum – Ah Wah
  3. Mulatu Astatke – Emnete
  4. Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – Big Fat Dog
  5. Nubiyan Twist – Headhunter
  6. ÌFÉ – Come Down
  7. Ata Kat – Bone Nnwom
  8. La Kasha feat. Camilo Menjura – Bonaventura
  9. Orkesta Mendoza – Cumbia Volcadora
  10. Clap Clap – Nguwe •
  11. AfroCubism – Cuba Mali
  12. Youssoupha – Chancon Francaise
  13. Baba Zula – Bir Sana Bir de Bana
  14. Lakuta – Bata Boy