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Revolutionary Radio Episode 1 Tue, 2010-05-04 16:41

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Songs of Love and Liberation.” That is the title of our concert at SOAS for Mayday 2010. And it is the theme that I have chosen for my Revolutionary Radio Show on OpenAir FM.

I spend my time digitising the archive of revolutionary and political songs that I have accumulated over the past 40-odd years, and here I mix them with tracks that have moved me to happiness or sadness, to laughter or to tears. I am glad to have this opportunity to share them with my friends, comrades and family, and with you the listener.

This week’s episode has Italian and Irish, German and Greek, Uruguayan and South African. You will hear Atahualpa Yupanqui, the Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester, Giovanna Daffini, Abdullah Ibrahim, Maria Farandouri, A. Virgilio Savona, Jos? Alfonso, The Dubliners, Gil Scott-Heron and Robert Wyatt.

These songs are the bearers of hope, historical, fiery dissent and revolution. I make my radio programmes so that they are not lost to memory.

My intention is to develop a critical discourse around these musics. For details of the performers and composers, as well as critical annotations, I refer the listener to the show’s website [n.b. forthcoming]

Ed Emery

1 May 2010


01. Duerme, negrito – Atahualpa Yupanqui – Le Chant du Monde – LDXS 4394 – n.d.
02. Gedanken ?ber die Rote Fahne – Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester – L’Orchestra – OLPS 55006 – n.d.
03. Bella Ciao – Giovanna Daffini – Dischi del sole 7926561 – 1989
04. Liberation dance – Abdullah Ibrahim – Denon Records – YX 7537 ND/S – 1978
05. To gelasto paidhi – Maria Farandouri – Broadside Records BRS 311 – 1970
06. Nella testa di Nicola – A. Virgilio Savona – Dischi del Zodiaco VPA 8163 – 1972
07. Grandola Vila Morena – Jos? Alfonso – Dischi del Zodiaco VPA 8219 – 1971
08. MacAlpine’s Fusiliers – The Dubliners – Polydor SPEMC 63 – 1974
09. Jose Campos Torres – Gil Scott-Heron – Arista Records AL 8301 – 1978
10. Red Flag – Robert Wyatt – Rough Trade Records – Rough 35 – n.d.