Radio Favela Episode 7 Tue, 2011-04-05 17:02

In this episode, we witness those two overgrown toddlers GRINGO DA PARADA & MADERA VERDE experience a collective senior moment, both forgetting to bring any music to the studio. The SOAS RADIO station management are not impressed. Luckily, esteemed and learned guest DJ EARL GATESHEAD brings along some delectable slabs of conscious reggae on vinyl, along with some much needed pearls of musical wisdom. And then, live in the studio, MORE LIKE TREES, consisting of two musicians over half their age younger, proove that musical wisdom does not necessarily come with advanced years. Oh and GRINGO also says something rude about UB40 , again…


Jordan Williams “The Good You Do”
Lewis Bones Lock “Five Man Dubb”
Morwell Esquire “In God We Trust”

live in the studio
“Chilly Water”
“Witless Frickness”
“Circle Of Life”