palletofemoral - delta Thu, 2018-01-11 17:54

Bit of a flat episode from me, I was knackered after finishing a 4000 words essay, but the tunes are still good. Got a few crackers from Soundcrash’s upcoming night with Wormfood at Electric Brixton. Get trippy with Comet Is Coming and their psyche Jazz then a bit aggy and tropical with Busy Twist. Feature some edits coming out of On The Corner Records too.

Skinny Pelembe – Seven Year Curse
débruit – Gelecek
Makadem & Behr Nyako (Africaine 808 remix)
Rocky Maisano – Bera Bera
Mugwisa International Xylophone Group – Drop The Beat (FYI Chris Acid Drop)
Ben Rau – She’s A Replicant (Afriqua Remix)
Nubiyan Twist – All The Pieces
Afriquoi – Mwana Wa (Afriquoi Remix)
The Comet Is Coming – Star Furnace
The Busy Twist – 1995
Midland – Checkbob
Margot – Moderno
Spincycle – Sponge Monkey
rRoxymore – thoughts of an introvert

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