Panjab In My Eye Episode 12 Tue, 2021-02-23 18:30

Back by popular demand, Panjabi In My Eye Episode 12. Giving exposure to some recent and not so recent releases, flips and mixes. Featuring artists such as Straight Bank and CheemaBeatz amongst others.

Indian farmers sit steadfast at Delhi against the centre in opposition to the three farm acts passed by the Parliament of India. This episode is published on the 140th birthday of Chacha Ajit Singh (23-Feb-1881), anti-colonial steppa and uncle of Bhagat Singh, who led the ‘Pagri Sambhal Jatta’ movement against the British anti-farmer ‘Punjab Colonisation Act’ 1906. ‘Pagri Sambhal Jatta’, a song by Banke Daya, has been embedded in the Panjabi psyche as a chant of resistance. The ballad has made a comeback over a century later at the current farmer protests at the borders of Delhi.
Panjab, Panjabi, Panjabiyat. Standing with Indian farmers. Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabad


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