Nordorama: Series 2, Episode 14 Fri, 2013-03-22 14:26

Harvey has company in the studio this week: Liv Brissach is one of the curators of NorskArt 2013, an exhibition for Norwegian art students in the UK. The theme this year is immigration, and Martine Poppe, who studies at the Slade, explains her contribution to the show. There’s also the usual eclectic mix of music. Themes this week include synesthesia and Hawaii.


Goatman – Goat
Ydolem – K-X-P
Melody – K-X-P
If Only As A Ghost – Jonas Alaska
Born To Be Free – Borko
C=Blue – Apparatijk, Lowell
All Is Wood – Skyphone
Dreamland (feat. David Byrne) – Ghostigital
Cut Out Your Tongue – Bloodgroup
Engaged Withdrawal – Just Another Snake Cult
Still Life – Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii
A Chance In Honolulu – Ninni Forever Band
Always In Peninsular Positions – Archipelago