Nordorama: Series 2, Episode 11 Fri, 2013-02-01 14:56

In preparation for World Radio Day, Harvey speaks to BBC Radio 3 presenter Fiona Talkington about her passion for Norwegian music, and what the British music industry can learn from its Nordic counterparts. There’s also music from Mew, a Danish band who have just announced that they’re splitting and something very new from Iceland ex-pat John Grant.


Flight 376 – Young Dreams
Pale Green Ghosts – John Grant
M?enp??n Helkin Valssi – Frigg
Strangeness – Greta Aagre & Erik Honor?
Long Story – Splashgirl
Memorial 2 – Okavango
Falling Upwards – Snasen
Fox Cub – Mew
Apocalypso – Mew
Lucifer/He Felt Like A Woman – Hjaltal?n
Altruistic Need To Prove That I’m Right – Sister Flo