Nordorama: Episode 5 Tue, 2012-05-01 15:46

Harvey’s joined in the studio by guest DJ and Icelandophile, FURR. They share Icelandic music! They share stories about Iceland! You want to listen! It all works out quite well really… With music from some of the big hitters of the country, a track from FURR’s upcoming EP, plus some rather Gothic folk ’60s rock.


Sveitapiltsins Draumur – Hlj?mar
Robocops – FURR
On The Old Mountain Radio (Christian Kleine Mix) – M?m
Sparks Fly – Daniel ?gust
?l?n – Snorri Helgason
David – GusGus
All Is Full Of Love – Bj?rk
Surrender – ?l?f Arnalds (feat. Bj?rk)
Read Your Book – S?ley
Track 4 – Sigur R