Nordorama: Episode 4 Tue, 2012-04-24 03:00

Today’s show features heady harmonies, footstomping Swede-Senegalese collaboration, and hand-tingling accordions (and now I listen back, I think TWO musical saws). Music from Hanne Hukkelberg, Peter Bjorn And John and Efterklang. A sultry mix of sounds designed to lead you from the grit of the material world, into one of sub-Arctic calm. That’s better.


Mother Nature – The Last Hurrah!!
Ames Room – Silje Nes
Prettiest World – Daniel Norgren
This Song – Atlastop
Vile – Monolog
Alagi Falou – Ale M?ller Band
Roahkkadit Rohtte Loudi – Mari Boine
Mirador (live at Domino Festival, 2008) – Efterklang
It Starts Hear – Peter Broderick
Concerto Diatonique – Lepist? & Lehti
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John
Searching – Hanne Hukkelberg