Nordorama: Episode 11 Tue, 2012-06-12 18:17

An even-more-electric show this week, with special guests Simian Ghost, plus Nutid, Barry Andrewsin Disko and eletronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten, alongside some jazz from Icelandic New Yorker Sunna Gunnlaugs. Bright colours for stormy weather, deep sounds for a shallow drizzle.


Myrskylaulu – Kuupuu
Geordie La Forge – The Low Frequency In Stereo
Tunnel Vision – Sunna Gunnlaugs
Black Flamingo – Nutid
Lampaita – Barry Andrewsin Disko
Bicycle Theme (Radiant Arp Mix) – Simian Ghost
Note To Self – Simian Ghost
Believes – YAST
White Sand – Sand Circles
Blood To Bones – Daniel Bjarnason
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard – Ralph Lundsten