New York City Ramblings 5 Mon, 2012-02-13 15:50

Whether you’re cutting it with the celebrity elite in Studio 54, or you’re a queen from Queens dressed to the nines, New York City is disco city in the 70s. Meanwhile, dirty young punks are spitting, swearing and evoking the ghost of Rimbaud onstage in the grimiest venues in town. Not to mention the newest form of folk expression to come out of the streets of South Bronx – and this time there ain’t no banjos.


Bird’s Word – The Last Poets
Stand On The Word – The Joubert Singers (Larry levan mix)
Drinking Again – Bette Midler
Subway Train – New York Dolls
Rocket USA – Suicide
Parasite – Kiss
Friction – Television
Redondo Beach – Patti Smith
53rd & 3rd – Ramones
Heart Of Glass – Blondie
It’s Just Begun – Jimmy Castor
King Tim III (Personality Jock) – The Fatback Band
New York, New York – Liza Minnelli