Nehera Sounds Episode 7 - Insitu Recordings Mon, 2017-11-27 12:09

Nehera Sounds brings you music from across the globe from a new region, genre or featured artist. Every Episode will take a journey through music to hear the stories, histories, spiritual and cultural influences behind the music we love. This episode is part 2 of our spotlight Insitu Recordings from Bali, Indonesia. Insitu Recordings is a recording project and arts collective, co founded by Jonathan Adams and I Putu Gede Sukaryana. In this episode, Jonathan Adams and Balot will introduce us to more projects that the team have released and we will also be learning more about how their Insitu Recording sessions come together.



  1. Tangisan Jamianom by I Made Terip
  2. Kijang Trans Am by Evan O’Donnell
  3. Lalu Lintas by Evan O’Donnell
  4. Sayap by Evan O’Donnell
  5. Tak Sependek by Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana
  6. Skala by I Made Arsa Wijaya
  7. Dwi Samatra Lingga by I Made Subandi
  8. Bunyi Manusia by I Komang Pasek Wijaya
  9. Resonator Manusia by Komang Pasek Wijaya
  10. Rakêt by I Gede Putu Gita Kumara
  11. Aum (Improvisation) by I Made Subandi

To download a free compilation by Insitu Recordings, visit and show them some love!