Nehera Sounds Episode 6 - Insitu Recordings Fri, 2017-10-06 14:42

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Nehera Sounds brings you music from across the globe from a new region, genre or featured artist. Every Episode will take a journey through music to hear the stories, histories, spiritual and cultural influences behind the music we love. In this episode we spotlight Insitu Recordings from Bali, Indonesia. Insitu Recordings is a recording project and arts collective, co founded by Jonathan Adams and I Putu Gede Sukaryana. In this episode, Insitu Recordings will introduce us to Gamelan music and the new and innovative works created by some of the talented composers and performers working with the growing arts collective.



  1. Puja Santi by I Ketut Sujena
  2. Long Cret by I Made Terip
  3. Gangsing Lenged by I Made Terip
  4. Pendet Pamendakan by I Ketut Sujena
  5. Rejang Siwa by I Ketut Sujena
  6. Wisnu Werdhi by I Made Subandi
  7. Anomali (Selendro) by I Putu Gede Sukaryana
  8. Prikitiuw by I kadek Astawa


To access the Insitu Sessions Streams (to rent for 72 hours). The code is: neherasounds
Navigate to the – click on Explorasi Imprint – scroll down to Sessions – click on any of the volumes- click on Stream Videos button – click Rent – enter email address – enter Offer Code (neherasounds). After entering the offer code the price should change to $0.

To Download Bibit Volume 1 for free (including the video of Susu Kembang).
Navigate to the – click on Insitu Recordings Imprint – click on Bibit Volume 1 – click on Buy Album button- choose the desired format – enter email address – enter Offer Code (neherasounds).

Alternatively, it can be accessed at:

To download a free compilation by Insitu Recordings, visit and show them some love!