Nehera Sounds Episode 5 Baghir Bey Sat, 2017-08-26 02:10

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Nehera Sounds brings you music from across the globe from a new region, genre or featured artist. Every Episode will take a journey through music to hear the stories, histories, spiritual and cultural influences behind the music we love. In this episode we spotlight our first featured producer, Baghir Bey, who is an experimental and multi-genre music producer, musician and visual artist based in New York. We will be speaking to Baghir about his musical style, influences, collaborations and evolution as a music producer and musician.

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  1. Baghir Bey – Compa Tres
  2. Baghir Bey – Wishes bet on you
  3. Baghir Bey – Water Games
  4. Baghir Bey – Kingdom of Numbers
  5. Baghir Bey & Versis – Barista
  6. Baghir Bey – Br57il
  7. Baghir Bey – Moral Excellence
  8. Baghir Bey – Sun Carousel
  9. Baghir Bey ft Claire Reneé – Telepathy
  10. Baghir Bey – Tribal Business
  11. Baghir Bey ft Claire Reneé – Eternal Love
  12. Baghir Bey – Wrath of the Organs
  13. Baghir Bey – Money Rok On
  14. Baghir Bey ft Claire Reneé – Letter from an Alien
  15. Baghir Bey – All Night
  16. Baghir Bey – Naima