Mumma's Kitchen 3 - Pure Joy Fri, 2020-02-28 16:39

Cooking up a tasty, well-seasoned mix of sounds from across the globe, donwella (Ella Weldon) and Sophia Radice, a mother & daughter duo, express their mutual love of music that both moves them and makes them move. In this family, music is a way to communicate and share love for the world, and the kitchen is where they showcase new sounds to each other from their separate adventures. This show is a celebration of the trans-generational and universal nature of music. Each week will be themed according to a genre, a period of time, an instrument, an emotion, or some unique thread that ties a selection of songs together. This week Ella and Sophie are simmering up PURE JOY by playing tunes that bring them happiness even in the darkest of winters.

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