Movimientos: Nueva America Sounds Mon, 2011-09-26 19:48

Nueva America sounds: Cal Jader focuses on some new releases of interesting Latin fusions coming out of the US and in particular New York. Featuring the atmospheric and often politically motivated sounds of Pistolera, known for their desert soundscapes contrasted with urban styling; Nation Beat whose Growing Stone album mixes Brazilian roots with US country and New Orleans 2nd line; and ‘Indie Salsa’ band Bio Ritmo from Richmond, Virginia, whose sound remains rooted in the traditions of classic Salsa whilst throwing in a good measure of other influences including Samba (as on the track included here ‘Carnaval’).

Plus some more club based funky Latin sounds from the Empressarios, Captain Planet, and Sabo and Zeb.


Jose Conde ? El Vestado (El Katz remix) (Pipiki Records)
Jose Conde ? Amor y Felicidad (Pipiki Records)
Empressarios – Sentimiento (Fortknox Recordings)
Empressarios ? Cumbia Salvaje (Fortknox Recordings)
Pistolera – Eschucha (Luchadora Records)
Pistolera ? Nueva York (Luchadora Records)
Pistolera – El Desierto y La Ciudad (Luchadora Records)
Nation Beat ? Morena Tropicana (Barbes)
Nation Beat ? Puxa Boi (Barbes)
Bio Ritmo ? Carnaval (Electric Cowbell)
Bio Ritmo ? Dina?s Mambo (Electric Cowbell)
Captain Planet ? Dame Agua (Bastard Jazz)
NYC (Moombah Zone mix) ? Sabo and Zeb (Turntables on The Hudson)