Movimientos: Mano De Dios Fri, 2011-05-20 15:19

Cal Jader welcomes Rumba Gypsy Punk band Mano De Dios into the studio to talk about their new single release ‘Why Do We Do It? / Blues Eyes’. Founder Jackson Scott and bassist Jimmy Martinez muse on the history of the band and its influences alongside playing exclusive tracks from their forthcoming album, some inspirations and a couple of live studio acoustic tunes.

Mano De Dios play Camino with Movimientos on Sunday the 29th May 2011

Mano De Dios – Mandinga
Mano De Dios – Creme Caramel
Art Adams – Dancing Doll
Hoagy Carmicheal – Hong Kong Blues
Andrew Sisters – Drinking Rum and Coca Cola
Live in the studio: Mano De Dios – Shadows of My Mind
Jardares Por Fuera – El Salpicao
Mano De Dios – Why Do We Do It?
Live in the studio: Jackson Scott – Jackson Buleria
Ian Dury and The Blockheads – Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll
Mano De Dios – Blue Eyes
The Last Detail – Break on Through

Their EP ‘Why Do We Do It? / Blues Eyes’ is available online now
You can download their track Creme Caramel from the website