Movimientos - Global Local Latin Quarter special Thu, 2012-01-19 16:29

Cal Jader welcomes two very special guests in the studio. Firstly Ramsey Estevez from Cuban fusion band Remolino Kieto talks about the band and plays 2 acoustic tracks live. Also Phaxsi and Paloma from Warmi tell us about the concept of their all-female Latin American folk-roots group and also play 2 tracks live. Also featuring brand new tracks from Reverso, Mano De Dios and Lokkhi Terra.

Reverso ? Presente
Mano De Dios ? Lo Quiero Todo
Remolino Kieto ? No Hace Falta Cabeza
Lokkhi Terra ? Kande Hason Raja

Remolino Kieto – Tu Ves (acoustic live in the studio)
Remolino Kieto – Caminando Por Las Calles De La Habana (acoustic live in the studio)

Lokandes ? Apu Kuntur

Warmi acoustic live in the studio (2 tracks live)