Movimientos: Chile Focus Thu, 2012-02-16 22:26

Cal Jader talks to Micheal Chanan – director of a new 3 part film on the protest movements in Chile “3 Short Films About Chile” who explains the background behind the films, the situation in Chile in general and the context of a highly privatised education system. Setting the scene with two hard hitting tracks by Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux, one featuring controversial Cuban rappers Los Aldeanos.

Plus there’s an exclusive track “Cumbia Computer” from the new album by visionary Colombian musician Pernett who mixes folkloric rhythms with electronic sounds. Plus brand new releases from DJ Raff (also from Chile) and DJ Palov. Bombastic Brazilian carnival brass band action from Orquestra Voadora. Fresh salsa from Banda La Republica and Tito Rojas. And a track in memory of Kid Africa (inspiring Cuban rapper from the London scene) who passed away very recently.

Ana Tijoux featuring Los Aldeanos – Si Te Preguntan
DJ Raff – Digital Rain
Pernett – Cumbia Computer
Banda La Republica – Automatico
Kid African and George Peguero – Yemaya
Tito Rojas – Ese No Soy Yo
Palov – Not a Typical Jamaican
Orquestra Voadora – Ta No Hora
Ana Tijoux – Shock

Interview: Micheal Chanan director of “3 Short Films About Chile”

Chico Trujillo – La Fiesta De San Benito

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