Movimientos 4/4/14 Mon, 2014-04-07 17:24

Another eclectic Movimientos show packed with Latin beats from across the Latin American continent and beyond with a Colombia focus to start the show and then taking in everything from Cumbia to Mambo style Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Cuban fusion, more Brazilian music, an exclusive from the now Barcelona based Peyoti For President and a kind of Salsa Drum ‘n’ Bass from La Sra. Tomasa who come to the UK in the middle of April.

La Chiva Gantiva – Me Voy de mi Cabeza (Crammed Discs)
La Mojarra Electrica – La Maldita Vieja
Alegres Ambulancias ft Batata – La Maldita Vieja
Batata y Su Rumba – Macaco Mata El Toro (So Shifty remix)
Bert on Beats – Pa Pa Pa (ft Deize Tigrona)
La Sra Tomasa – Guajira Copia
Qva Libre – 2012
Calle 13 – El Aguante
Sombra – Rap Do Brasil
Peyoti For President – Professor Bad Trip
Mestre Cupij? – Caboclinha Do Igpo
Malphino – Cumbia Policia
Los Guacharacos – El Cafetero (El B?ho remix)
La Colegiala (Criolina remix)
Da Lata – Ronca Do Cuica