Movimientos 4/12/13 Tue, 2013-12-10 17:10

Joining the dots between all kinds of latin music from Brazil to Colombia, Mexico to Argentina from LA to London. New track from Canadian producer Poirier from the Norte Sonero EP 2, Kora led Afrobeat from London’s Da Lata, more from the amazing Juana Molina album and heavy dub-reggae from a great Bahian bass compilation, Afro-Latin funk from LA’s Jungle Fire and Afro-Colombian beats Pulenta ahead of their London show with Movimientos. Plus a track from the new Systema Solar album, Argentinian Cumbia from La Yegros and experimental soul from Amabis on Mais Um Discos and a cheeky exclusive from London’s Animanz plus a killer Brazilian Afrobeat track by Sombra from Sounds and Colours Brazil compilation and more!

Pulenta – Afro-Colombian Son
Da Lata – NYJ ft Diabel Sisokkho (Agogo Records)
Sombra – Movimientos-Se
Systema Solar – Yo Voy Ganao
Tono Barrio – Sicodelico Bugaloop ft Mauro Castillo
Jungle Fire – Chalupa (Colemine Records)
Kayman – Ea
Amabis – Swell ft Ceu (Mais Um Discos)
Carla Morrison – Me Encanta
Poirier – El Norte Del Sur
La Yegros – El Bendito (ZZK)
Juana Molina – Ferocisimo (Crammed)
Las Cafeteras – It’s Movement Time
Animanz – No Future
DJ Tudo – Nico’s Dream (Mundo Melhor)