Movimientos 18/11/15 Thu, 2015-11-19 16:37

Movimientos 18/11/15

Cal Jader runs down a selection of some of the freshest latin beats with a sprinkling of classics, edits and remixes. Brand new music from Grupo Fantasma, Bareto, Spirtual South remixing The Ipanemas and Cocotaxi remixing
Fania’s Ralfi Pagan. Going to Colombia with new Systema Systema and Sidestepper, a re-recording of a Grupo Niche classic celebrating their 35th year anniversary, Toto La Momposina remixed by Dj Nirso and funky Marimba sounds from Herencia de Timbiqui meets Puerto Candelaria. And finishing with some digi-folklore sounds from Tribilin Sound and El Buho.

Grupo Fantasma – Esa Negra
Bareto – Pa?s De Las Maravillas
Ralfi Pagan – Pelao (Cocotaxi remix)
Systema Solar – Tumbamurallas
Herencia de Timbiqui & Puerto Candelaria – Que Pasa En Mi Casa
Grupo Niche – El Coco
Novalima – Santero
The Ipanemas – Afro (Spiritual South Sub Mix)
K54 – Candomble
Bixiga 70 – Ventania
Toto La Momposina – La Curura (DJ Nirso remix)
Sidestepper – Come See Us Play
Nicola Cruz – La Cosecha
Tribilin Sound – La Cumbia De Octavio (Senor Chacho remix)
El Bu’ho – Manana Tepotzlan