Movimientos: 16/05/12 Reverso Special Fri, 2012-05-18 14:40

Movimientos: Reverso special

Pure Latino-Ska Reggae vibes on this episode as Cal Jader is joined by Abner Perez lead singer and songwriter of Ecuadorian-London band Reverso. They play tracks from and discuss the band’s second album ‘Radio Comfort’ released earlier this year. Plus they talk about the Ecuadorian music scene and play influential bands for Reverso including Rocolo Bacalao and La Grupa plus the show features other tracks from La Kinky Beat, Ska Cubano, Panteon Roccoco and Sarazino.

1 La Vida – Riddim
2 Dancing Mood – Cadillacs
3 Soloman – El Labertinto de Rodrigo Alcante
4 La Kinky Beat – Yeah Man
5 Rocolo Bacalao – La Profundidad Del Dedo
6 Reverso – Entonces No
7 La Grupa – Que Bonito Es
8 Reverso – Descomplicate
9 Puerto Candelaria – Cumbia Rebelde
10 Ska Cubano – Cumbia Del Monte
11 Reverso – De La Memoria
12 Panteon Rococo