Movimientos 1/2/17 w/ Manu Chao, Guayo Cedeño, Grupo Naidy, Jungle Fire & Honduras focus Wed, 2017-02-15 15:32

Cal Jader is joined by guest Latin America Bureau’s Louise Morris to discuss all things Honduras including Afro-descendent Garifuna communities, as well as the musical and cultural scene that flourished following the coup in 2009, playing tracks from some of the key voices of protest and resistance movement.

Elsewhere there’s new music with Nicola Cruz’s remix of Afro-Colombian outfit Grupo Naidy, a new Tribilin Sound remix of legendary Peruvian band Los Wemblers as well as remixes of Novalima and Panther Panther. There’s Latin Funk from LA group Jungle Fire, a triplet of tracks in honour of one of Colombia’s finest LA33 PLUS a brand new track from the legendary Manu Chao!